Having analysed the reasons for the failures of painting projects over many years the blame for failures is often blamed on the paint itself. Modern paints are in general technically designed to last for many years with up to 15 years quality guarantees offered by manufacturers.With some exceptions virtually all failed painting projects point to bad or inadequate surface preparation before painting.

Premier has over the years developed methods of preparation and application that illuminates the normal reasons for failures associated with the “normal” painting methods. Plastered surfaces are sanded down with High Powered electric grinders to remove not only loose & flaking paint but also remove any suspect substrate not normally detected with manual cleaning which invariable leads to a painting failure. The Premier approach is to identify any surface problem and to suggest a method of preparation and application pertaining to each project and not to just “follow normal procedure”.

Probably the biggest reason for the Premier success is the comprehensive in-house services offered from solving damp wall problems, our surface sanding procedures and the application of our unique cement/Polymer base coat that does not only fill and bridge hairline cracks but strengthens porous plaster and acts as an excellent water repellant.

Do it the Premier way for long term savings.

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